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Special Inspection Services



 Certifications associated with our special inspection services:

These certifications allow Teichner-Walburn & Assoc. to conduct Special Inspections as required by the County of Hawaii, Building Department.  Section 306 of the Building Code requires that the owner conduct special inspections, independent of the Contractors performing the work, for types of work listed on the special inspection form. 

The Building Department will let you know what Special Inspections are required by them or your Architect/Engineer.

Special inspections that we can do for you are:

  1. Concrete reinforcing steel (rebar).
  2. Concrete placement
  3. Structural steel high strength bolting.
  4. Structural steel welding.
  5. Structural masonry
  6. Special Grading, Excavation and Filling.
  7. Piling, Drilled Piers and Caissons
  8. Special Moment-Resisting Concrete Frames
  9. Bolts in Concrete with Increased Stresses


Special inspections do not need to be initiated by the Building Department. 
As the owner, you can contact us to perform a special inspection on your project, in order to protect your investment from problems that occur months or years after it is completed.

The County Building Inspector does not have the time to conduct as thorough an inspection as we do.  Plus, Building Inspectors are experts on the Building Code, we are experts in concrete, steel buildings and structural masonry, and we have the knowledge and training that certifies that expertise, that's why the Building Department requires special inspections for certain projects.

In the area of High Strength Bolting, we can test bolting assemblies using the Skidmore Wilhelm Model MS Bolt Tension Calibrator, which allow us to verify that:

  • Fasteners meet minimum bolt tension specifications.

  • Impact wrenches are properly calibrated.

  • Tension-control fasteners sheer off at the correct tension.

  • Bolting crew understands how to achieve proper tension in all types of fasteners

  • Have the right installation tools and equipment.


American Concrete Institute
Concrete Construction Special Inspector
American Concrete Institute
Transportation Construction Inspector
American Concrete Institute
Field Testing Technician - Grade 1

International Code Council
Structural Steel & Welding
Special Inspection

World of Concrete
Concrete Flatwork Master Certificate
World of Concrete
Concrete Repair Master Certificate

Professional Member of the Construction Specifications Institute

Member of the American Association of Cost Engineers


The American Concrete Institute is recognized as the pre-eminent organization for the design, implementation and inspection of concrete.  They are recognized internationally, by federal government organizations such as the Army Corps of Engineers, state and municipal governments.

The International Code Council is the backbone of modern building code requirements.  Beside international locations, in the U.S. most states and municipalities implement the building codes put out by the ICC and their building inspectors are certified by the ICC.